Bronx, NY

If you’re looking for a Bronx, NY general contractor to handle your next project – whether it’s remodeling an old home or building from scratch- then there are plenty of options available. These professionals have years of experience in the field and will work hard on every detail until they deliver frustration-free results that meet all expectations!

The following questions should help you decide if the general contractor is someone who can handle your construction needs for your Brooklyn property. 

1) Do they have experience working on projects similar in size and complexity to mine?

2) How long has this person been doing business, and what areas of expertise does he/she possess that would be beneficial to my project?

3) Is your company licensed and insured?

4) Can you provide a written estimate?

5) What do your home services include?

Find a trusted home improvement pro in Bronx on Prozz!!

Hiring a professional isn’t always easy, but Prozz makes it simple. Whether you need plumbing or roofing we’ve got what you’re looking for. Read through customer reviews and see what they’re famous for before requesting quotes so that when it comes time make sure everything goes smoothly with just one call.

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